Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Related Services

Related services include measuring and analysing instrument design services, measuring and analysing instrument processing service and measuring and analysing instrument agents. These related services help us find right measurement and analysing instruments. We can easily use these related services in knowing about different measurement and analysing instruments. Volume flow measurement is done by mass flow meter, water meter and metering pump whereas speed is measured through radar gun, airspeed indicator, variometer, tachometer, speedometer, and tachymeter etc. Mass of any big or small thing or object is usually measured by using many modern and old methods and instruments e.g. a pair of scales, mass spectrometers measure, automatic check-weighing machines, inertial balance, katharometer including weighing scales. Force is mechanically measured by force gauge, tribometer, spring scale, torsion balance and strain gauge. Torque is measured by using instruments like dynamometer, torque wrench or de prony brake whereas levels are measured by using various measurement devices and measurement instruments such as dumpy level, spirit level, laser line level and tiltmeter etc. Temperature is measured by many measurement instruments including triple point cell, thermopile, thermometer, thermocouples, thermistors, solid thermometer, resistance thermometer, pyranometer, mercury-in-glass thermometer, liquid crystal thermometer, Galileo thermometer, electromagnetic spectroscopy, constant volume gas thermometer, constant pressure gas thermometer, bi-metallic strip, and alcohol thermometer etc. 

Parts & Accessories

All types of measurement and analysing instruments are composed of various instrument parts and accessories. Examples of these measurement and analysing instruments also include universal measuring machine, time-domain reflectometer, SWR meter, spectroscope, sensor, S meter, postage meter, parking meter, gradiometer, gauge, force platform measures, densitometer, and check weighed. Having numerous instrument parts and accessories, measurement and analysing instruments like radio antenna and telescope are used in astronomy. For medical imaging, instruments like tomograph, computed tomography, medical ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging etc. are frequently used for exclusive and specific measurement purposes. Luminance or photometry is measuerd by light meter, densitometer, lux meter and photometer while substance identification is done by using different measures such as ultracentrifuge, smoke detector, refractometer, oxygen sensor, nephelometer (also called turbidimeter), mass spectrometer, gas detector, colorimeter, chromatographic device and carbon dioxide sensor etc. Any particle is measured by various advanced measurement instruments such as semiconductor detector, scintillation counter, photostimulable phosphors, photographic plate, microchannel plate detector, geiger counter, dosimeter, and cloud chamber and bubble chamber etc. Light and radiation is measured by antenna, microwave power meter, bolometer, interferometer, radio telescope, camera, T-ray detectors, EMF meter, photographic plate, spectrometer, photomultiplier, and phototube etc. These all measurement tools and instruments are composed of multiple instrument parts and accessories. 

Finished Instruments

There are many types and kinds of finished instruments. Examples of finished instruments include analyzers, counters, electrical instruments, electronic measuring instruments, flow measuring instruments, level measuring instruments, measuring and gauging tools, optical instruments, physical measuring instruments, pressure measuring instruments, temperature instruments, testing equipment, timers and weighing scales and other measuring and analysing instruments. Analyzers include carbon analyzers, concentration meters, densitometers, gas analyzers, moisture meters, ph meters and other analysis instruments. Electrical instruments are comprised of battery testers, clamp meters, current meters, energy meters, frequency meters, multimeters, opotentiometers, power meters, resistance meters, voltage meters and other electrical instruments. Electronic measuring instruments, out of all finished instruments, cover industrial metal detectors, oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers and other electronic measuring instruments whereas flow measuring instruments include flow meters, flow sensors, gas meters, and water meters including other flow measuring instruments as well. Measuring and gauging tools are comprised of dial indicators, gauges, micrometers, tape measures, vernier calipers and other measuring and gauging tools while optical instruments consist of laser levels, laser rangefinders, lenses, magnifiers, microscopes, night vision, optical filters, prisms, refractometers, spectrometers, telescope and binoculars, theodolites as well as other optics instruments. Physical measuring instruments, out of all finished instruments, include force measuring instruments, hardness testers, height measuring instruments, speed measuring instruments, width measuring instruments and other physical measuring instruments. Examples of pressure measuring instruments are pressure gauges, pressure monitors, pressure regulators, pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and other pressure measuring instruments. 

Excess Stock & Secondhand Instruments

Excess stock and secondhand instruments are usually categorized into two major categories which are measuring & analysing instrument stocks and used measuring & analysing instruments. Many traditional and modern instruments, out of all excess stock and secondhand instruments, are used for time measurement e.g. water clock, transit telescope, sundial, stopwatch, radiometric dating, radio clock, pendulum clock, hourglass, egg timer, clock, chronometer, chronograph, calendar as well as atomic clock etc. Length, out of all excess stock and secondhand instruments, is also measured by using many traditional and modern instruments including altimeter, height urethra gauge, ultrasound distance measure, travelling microscope, taximeter, tape measure, tachymeter, surveyor's wheel, steel rule, radar antenna, odometer, micrometer, metric scale, laser rangefinder, interferometer, GPS, gauge blocks, frequency comb, engineer's scale, electronic distance meter, and caliper and architect's scale etc. Volume, out of all excess stock and secondhand instruments, is also measured by many modern and traditional instruments such as pipette, overflow trough different solids, measuring cups, graduated cylinder, flow measurement devices and eudiometer etc. Angle is measured by using instruments like theodolite, sextant, reflecting instruments, reflecting circles, quadrant, protractor, octant, graph meter, goniometer, cross staff and circumferentor etc. whereas levels of pressure are measured through many instruments such as tire-pressure gauge, pitot tube, manometer, barometer, and anemometer etc.